Special Needs Day Tuesday – Yawn, So Typical

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6:45 am I give L’il Miss Toothache her morning medicine and she slaps me on the arm before swallowing the Geodone, Focalin and Ritalin.

 7:10 am   The school bus pulls to the house while L’il Miss Toothache, or Miss K, yells at us that we took too long. This is typical after she delays her shower. I walk her backpack to the bus and tell the driver she’ll be there in a moment. She slams the door as she heads out the porch.

7:30 am I begin waking up G Money and Mr. Cool so they are awake to help around the house.

8:00 am The wake-up process continues until 8:45 when they lumber out of bed.

10:30 am Cindy and I sit down with the case worker from the Regional Center and we persuade G Money to sit down with us. We talk for an hour and it comes out how 20-year-old G Money has had a good last 6 days in our house. But it’s clear he’s dragging his feet in finding a job. He’s been very clear before he does not want to work. He’s waiting for Bed Bath and Beyond to call back and Togo’s Sandwich Shoppe. He’s been waiting for about 2 weeks for BBB and at least 4 days for Togo’s. Finally, under much persuasion from us, he placed a call to RiteAid and asked when he could bring in an application.

12:00 Much to my delight, G Money and Mr. Cool help with a few chores. They finish sanding and priming 20 feet of fascia board behind the house. There’s 1 more foot left but it’s above our little tangerine tree and they want me to sand it so they don’t damage the tree. Fair enough.

They sweep the driveway and rake up sticks in the backyard as we prepare to build a patio. I’m appreciative of their good attitude. By 2:30pm, they’re finished – and I know I can’t persuade them to do any more work until Wed morning.

1:30pm Now it’s a meeting for L’il Miss Toothache. Cindy sits down at our house with her behavior specialist, case manager, and a woman from the Total program in nearby Sierra Madre. I walk in and out trying to focus on my Web development assignment. I say hi to the women and meet the new one. Okay, I can’t help but think how nice it is to 4 lovely women in my house. Too bad, they’re discussing the severity of the tantrums and the yelling of our 15-year-old daughter.

We’re left with the choice of services in the school or in the home. And how we manage behavior therapy for Miss Toothache without overwhelming her.

3pm Our 20 year old daughter is holding her daughter (our 6-month old granddaughter) for the first time in a few days. She gets mad at my wife that she can’t drive and yells “f-ing this” and “f-ing that.” I walk out of my study and happen to overhear the conversation. I say, “look at your own behavior.” She yells “f-ing” again and again as she talks about why we took her to a girls’ correctional school where she wasn’t able to finish high school (since she had to study). “I coulda graduated from Muir,” she yelled. She is probably right. They would have passed her with all D- if necessary. But I reminded her we’ll do everything we can to help her pass high school. And that we stood behind her and offered tutoring during the past 2 years she tried at the community school.

10pm The screaming and tantrums continue from Miss Toothache. Slamming her bedroom door, yelling at us as me wife pulls the sheets over her and turns out the light. I try to calm down the yelling and finally Toothache is asleep by 11pm.

Hmm, I hate routine.


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